Our award winning American DJs offer an experience as individual as you! Our professional DJs will customize your event to your needs. Our unique approach to every event helps deliver first class parties every time. Our versatile staff can bring your vision to life at your wedding, corporate party, school, birthday or any celebration! Send us an email and let us help you select the perfect DJ for your next event.

Create a unique atmosphere

Lighting is essential in completing the overall atmosphere and appeal of your event. evoke a range of positive emotions in people attending your event from being excited and inspired to comfortable and relaxed.

Change visual event dimensions

By manipulating different lighting effects, it is also possible to change visual dimensions of a space. For example, washing the walls with light by using creatively placed spotlights can make a room appear larger than it is.

Highlight important details

Accent lighting is becoming increasingly popular today, offering a new dimension to important details of your event decor by illuminating features that you would like your guests to notice

Look your best

The best light’s, literally! This is achieved by choosing specific color palettes, textures, shadow and angles to best flatter the human complexion. Do you think you would have had the same experience without the lighting?

Light your Imagination

Being in the lighting industry, we understand, the few lighting companies that there are tend to be expensive and require a minimum charge that will turn most brides away, making your decision for reception lighting a difficult one.

Photos are all that’s left

As it’s said, a picture says a thousand words! And after it’s all said and done, pictures are what’s left! So contact American Images for all your professional photography needs!