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  • Tip #1
    Music makes your wedding memorable. Give it a little attention and you will be glad you did. The music should reflect the overall style of your wedding, as well as your style as a couple
  • Tip #2
    Everyone wants their guests to leave their wedding saying, “I danced all night and my feet are killing me!” AMERICAN DJS are experts at keeping your guests dancing and your dance floor full. Chances are your guests represent a variety of ages. We like to start off the night with hits appropriate for everyone. The key is to get the older guests on the dance floor during the early part of the reception so they are more likely to stay as the more contemporary tunes are played.
  • Tip #3
    It’s common to hear of great songs to use for your first dance, father-daughter dance, wedding party dance and so on. Yet, sometimes you get stuck when creating the rest of your playlist for the night.


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